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Nelli Mansion, aptly named is a mansion in the lap of nature bounteously blessed with greenery has 2 rooms ranging from 2 bed to 6 beds. From the Nelli Mansion, one can savor the spectacular view of the Palakkdan churam and the adjoining forests. 

Double 4434.00/- Extra Adult 2217.00/- Extra Child 1109.00/- DA:2 DC:0 EB:4

*DA = Default Adult *DC = Default Child *EB = Extra Bed


Arrival at Kaikatty, Nelliyampathy preferably before 12 Noon.

Ecotourism guide will be receiving them at this point. A guide will accompany tourists in their vehicle to various points in Nelliyampathy like Sitharkundu, Kesavanpara etc. 

Thereafter proceed to Pakuthipalam Forest cottage and reach there at 2 PM.

Vegetarian Lunch will be provided at the forest cottage.

After lunch, trekking through the Coffee and Cardamom plantations of KFDC adjoining reserve Forests( during the trek there is a possibility of seeing Wild animals).

Day 2

Morning 6 AM Tea

8.30 AM breakfast(Vegetarian)

9.30 AM visit cardamom curing center.

11 AM check out.

Food included in the programme. Evening Tea, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch (one Each). No vehicle facility included ( Transportation jeep preferred)